Among the stars

As the clouds swallow the sun’s last shout
My heart explodes from the inside out
a fitting degradation for hard-hitting separation

Like the sun’s integral to the earth’s rotation
I’m left with quiet exasperation, desperation
about your recent disappearance from my constellation

Among the stars you shone the brightest
Underneath your wings I flew the lightest
With you I’d fling my life ahead and sing
About the things that life might bring

You showed my universe tunes of wonder
wrote messages of destiny in stars of my mind
All I’m left with are feelings to ponder
and which past to leave behind

With infinite mourns I’m reducing you to memory
Not because you no longer exist to me;
No – it’s that my hands birthed this beautiful story
and it’s too painful to watch it never be

In turn the void you leave will be considerate
as I will have to become illiterate
for messages in stars devoid from thunder;
they often carry a cognitive blunder

Fate has always had the character of twist
A compilation of cherry-blossomed chances I missed
Some dreams consequently fell apart
So did worlds as soulful as self-made art

Yet the gold-gated blanket still resembles
a beautiful banquet of stars
to which I – in spite of shambles –
gaze with grace, awaiting arrival of new quasars

So despite your dreadfully silent depart
I’ll never renounce your light – that I resist;
Nothing will dart my through my defiant heart
Unless you become the girl I never kissed

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