Deep sea

A long time ago, the waves carried a boat
which barely managed to stay afloat;
it carried a man and carried his load
across the directionless whale road

That man was I, and I was lost
no matter which seas I crossed;
the sky was my only companion
The last light entering my mind’s canyon

There was nothing left to leave behind
Nor any land a moving oar could find
when at last between lapses of despair
a sense of hope was thrown in my lair

The horizon had given a gift
to my eyes – for now I moved swift
towards a black dot, was it a boat?
Was there someone who could carry the load?

The more I neared, the more I revered
that sense of newfound hope, for I never feared
that disappointment would be in the mix
as one of fate’s many foul tricks

As the gap grew conceivably small
My eyes discerned a delicate figure all
alone – like I was, so a sense of joyfulness
crept into my dendrites of dreadfulness

When all of a sudden I was cast
into the dark blue surface way too vast
To comprehend – at least at first
the darkness I despondently cursed

Swiftly I sank towards the ocean floor
further and further from who I’d adore;
I was left with conceiving the shadow
of the boat blinking on the blue meadow

Above – there was no way to connect,
to make her eyes dart downwards and detect
my presence, for I tried and tried
but there was nothing that defied

The void; so softly I wept and sighed
in this place where I’d continue to reside
Blinded by the lack of illumination
Left senseless by the sudden separation

Over time I lost that sense of newfound hope
when loneliness returned to me in its full scope
for I was lost in the boundless deep sea
like my heart was lost in the thought of thee

Slowly the wounds of the fall healed;
At last I accepted my fate as sealed –
among the deep sea creatures I tried to fit
for I thought there no way out of this pit

Incrementally I found many a friend –
they, too, had been uninterruptedly sent
towards the bottom, amongst the darkness;
as lonely creatures we were all ark-less

We did not speak – there was no joy;
but together the darkness did not destroy
us – that darkness into which we were thrown
wearing us steadily down to skin and bone

for I had become hideous, ugly as the night
adapted to the environment in which I reside
So far that I shunned the light of the sun
as man shuns the mouth of a gun

for I didn’t want to see that visage of me,
worn of skin, reduced to skeletal anatomy;
What had become of me, I despised
both mind and soul undeniably compromised

In this mindset I had nested a home
just as dark as this deep sea dome
devoid of hope, for I didn’t consider
anything able to make me less bitter

To be real – yet out of the blue
a light came down, a light long due;
it was so severely sharp in its illumination
that I considered it the fires of cremation –

Which I was happy to receive – it was all
about to end, this was to be my final fall
But alas! What transpired defies description
even now I’m stuck in circumscription:

No fires scorched my surface that day
No preexisting pains were washed away –
Instead, they were strengthened in their power
as from the ocean sky fell my beautiful flower

I had almost forgotten that divine silhouette
but there she was, to this all the pain had led
As the emotions rose in my skeletal self
with nothing left but a heart on a dusty shelf

But she smiled in all her grace
reached out and touched my face
that had forgotten that sweet feeling
of gentle fingers starting a process of healing –

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