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The Man behind the Stories

A brief introduction to what got me started, what I am up to right now, and what I plan on doing in the future.

How I got started

I believe that truly creative people will always end up creating stuff, because that’s who they are. Yet most of them still need that small push in the back in order to start creating. In my case that definitely rings true, as I never contemplated writing stories, and for an even longer time never contemplated writing poetry. So, who was my muse, what was the one thing that pulled me across the line, what, out of all things, made me write?


Yes, boredom. In my third year of ‘middelbaar’ (that’s what we call secondary school in the Flemish part of Belgium), we had a class of English in which the teacher was the walking stereotype of a rusted teacher. She held on firmly to ‘classic teaching methods’, which consisted of studying classic literature texts by reading them aloud one by one, without pause, without analysis, without anyone daring to say anything – since talking had you instantly sent to the principal’s office.

So what does a creative mind do in any situation where talking is forbidden, paying attention is useless and time doesn’t seem to pass?

What started as an unconscious escape from boredom became a voluntary expedition into imaginary worlds, searching for those adventures that could be concealed into words. Quite soon I had a few pages of a fantasy story, which – sadly enough – I now have abandoned, since it had grown too large for my still young and inexperienced writer persona to successfully mold into a cohesive saga.

So, this blog, more than anything, is an ode to those who allow their minds to wander, because it might be the start of some weird hobby that ends up changing your life.

What am I up to right now (as a poet)?

At the time of writing this entry into my blog, I’ll be 22 years of age and studying Language (English/Dutch) and Linguistics at the university of Ghent, Belgium. I have written a few dozen poems both in English and in Dutch.

Thematically the poems are strongly colored by a personal encounters, as is the case with every poet (I guess?). Most of my works therefore cover encounters with people that have influenced my life, either romantically or non-romantically, or deal with emotions that have overwhelmed me in the past or did overwhelm me at the time of writing.

As a poet I don’t shy away from things that might appear depressing or anxiety-ridden. Life itself is a mosaic of emotions, and leaving out certain emotions because they might be unpleasant takes away from the richness that makes life interesting. I attempt to represent this mosaic of life in my poetry by allowing emotions to coexist harmoniously.

Although poetry tends to eat up the lion’s share of my time, I’ve tried writing multiple works of prose as well. In fact, as mentioned above, I started out writing prose fiction. At the time of writing this, I will have been working on a science fiction script/short story, which I hope to finish in the near future.

What do I plan on doing in the future?

There’s a whole hoist of ideas swirling around in my head, some of them more out there than others, some attainable some untouchable. I’ve always been someone who paints his goals in glitter on the walls, but if I’m being honest, that hasn’t necessarily been a formula for success – especially in the context of writing stories.

Therefore, here’s just a very general list of things I want to accomplish somewhere in the future, some of them more poignantly than others, but that doesn’t mean I’m binding myself to one of these goals with iron shackles; they’re more guidelines than anything too concrete.

  • I want to finish writing an autobiographical story about my youth as an athlete.
  • I want to either direct or produce a short science fiction film about how people can/cannot communicate emotions.
  • I want to write a script for a TV-series based on the concept of human evolution (also leaning towards science fiction)
  • I want to publish a anthology (either Dutch or English)

As for this site itself, I would love for it to reach as many people as possible, so that some of them might find a sense of refuge in them, or recognition.
But, most of all, I want this site to be a reason for myself to keep writing, because I’m at a point where I want this weird daydreaming hobby to be a part of me.

So (hopefully), to many months – or years – to come!